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Teriyaki Tofu and Veggies

Jump to recipe This easy meal came around on Monday when I realized I completely forgot to prep lunch for the week. My youngest was down for a nap and I had some pita that needed used up so I quickly pressed some tofu, dipped it in some teriyaki sauce, and put it into bake.… Continue reading Teriyaki Tofu and Veggies

Eggplant Pizza

Jump to recipe Admittedly, while this recipe is mine, the idea was not. I had a co-worker a few years back who told me about them. I forgot about them for years until recently and they’ve been a huge hit with my husband and kids. Frankly, I’m really not an eggplant fan. I don’t mind… Continue reading Eggplant Pizza

Air Fried Old Bay Potatoes

Jump to recipe I’m in love with my air fryer. We have the Insignia 3.4 qt Air Fryer. I definitely have not taken full advantage of the many, many uses of an air fryer and the multitude of ways that it can improve a dinner or a food (like air fried broccoli, haven’t tried it… Continue reading Air Fried Old Bay Potatoes

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