Tofu Stir Fry

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I had totally different intentions when I made this meal. These were meant to be copy-cat like PF Chang’s lettuce wraps, but when I realized I was missing green onion, cashews, and lettuce, we still needed dinner and at that point I was set on a similar taste so stir fry it became. Frankly the whole reason I wanted this was for the water chestnuts. Water chestnuts are delicious and have a wonderful crunch. According to Healthline, they also have a multitude of health benefits. I feel like I don’t put water chestnuts to use enough, I’ll have to work on that.

I chose to press and pre-cook the tofu because my husband prefers the texture of oven cooked tofu over sauted. Here are instructions if you want to pre-cook the tofu: Press the tofu for about 15 minutes. I have pressing tips in the Air Fryer Turmeric Tofu or there’s plenty of YouTube videos about it. Bake the pressed tofu in the oven at 350 for 30 minutes, flipping halfway through.

If you are not pre-cooking the tofu, still press it, then cube the tofu. At this point, drain and rinse an 8 oz can of water chestnuts. Dice 1/2 a yellow squash, 1/2 an onion, and the water chestnuts.

All the things.

In a small amount of oil, saute the onion and yellow squash until the squash has softened. While waiting on this, make your sauce. Combine 1/4 cup of soy sauce, 3 tbsp hoisin, 2 tsp rice vinegar, 1 tsp garlic chili sauce, and 1/2 tsp garlic. Whisk well to combine.

Add the cubed tofu, water chestnuts, and sauce to the veggies. Continue to saute until the sauce thickens. Serve over rice, by itself or as a lettuce wrap. Feel free to top with cashews and/or green onion

Tofu Stir Fry


  • 16 oz package of extra firm tofu
  • 1/2 medium yellow squash
  • 1/2 an onion
  • 1/2 tsp minced garlic
  • 8oz can of water chestnuts
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce (I used reduced sodium)
  • 3 Tbsp hoisin sauce
  • 2 tsp rice vinegar
  • 1 tsp chili garlic sauce
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Optional additions: lettuce (real lettuce wrap), cashews, green onion, rice


  1. Dice tofu, 1/2 a yellow squash, 1/2 an onion and the drained and rinsed water chestnuts.
  2. Saute the squash and onion in a little bit of oil until the squash has softened and the onion is translucent.
  3. Meanwhile, make the sauce. Combine 1/4 cup soy sauce, 3 tbsp hoisin sauce, 2 tsp rice vinegar, and 1 tsp chili garlic sauce. Whisk to combine.
  4. Once the squash and onion are cooked, add in the diced tofu and water chestnuts. Saute for an additional few minutes then add the sauce. Continue to stir occasionally until the sauce has thickened. Serve over rice or as a lettuce wrap.

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